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Lately, watching documentaries on Indian life and culture has been my interest. And how can one not WANT to eat Indian food when the videos are all talking abou them! I fell in love with Indian food long before I watched these videos. And so, out of my cravings, I searched for the restaurants here in Bacolod. Sadly, there is only one: Spice’s Bites along Mandalagan Street. 













From the top: Samosa, Chicken Vendaloo, Vegetable Masala and Chapati. 

I was not able to finish the whole thing. But it was a full meal. I enjoyed every bite I had. I think i still like the previous ‘Indian Carinderia’ i went to. Its just sad that they have already closed thier shop. 


One day in August, I tried Bob’s Fish Fillet for lunch. It wasn’t as tasty as I expected. They used dory for the fillet. The sandwich I ordered was enough to stuff me for the rest of the day.  I enjoyed it.  I gobbled it in less than ten minutes. I am not a food critic so I cannot say much about the taste. However, I think that the dip could have been creamier. Still, it was a wonderful meal!


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Tea Is Me

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Greeting from the cold winds of Bacolod! *brrrrr*

cold day

It has been raining here for 5 straight days now. I decided that I am going to write tonight. However, it’s not happening. And still, I am unfaithful with becoming a Pescatarian because I have been eating chicken like crazy! I don’t even know if I am serious about it. But seriously (haha!), that is my goal!

So what do I do on nights like this when it is so cold? 26 degrees, in my side of the world, is COLD. What else but to warm it up a bit with a cup of Green Tea.

I started to love tea when I was in college. Every Sunday night, my cousin and I sit at the back of the house and drink our mugfulls of tea to kick-off our night-long studying for Mondays. Very precious conversations took place during those nights. Until, it evolved into a tradition.

In 2011, I went to Singapore for a conference and my cousin happened to be working there at that particular time too. We made it a point to bring our ‘tradition’ to Singapore and had tea at Twinings. Our eyes grew big at the disparity of the prices. Back then, a Php2.50 bag of tea was enough for us. At TWG, it was at  worth Php450 ($11)!!! But we paid for the experience. Actually, my cousin paid for it! haha!


I am a big tea-drinker. I do it every night. My favorite is green tea. I love green tea because it is light and has so many health benefits. There are many sights dedicated to enumerating the benefits of Green Tea. You can check one here.


My Green Tea and a new mug that was given to me.

Tea time is a beautiful time!

An apple-cation

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I have failed. I tried but I did not have the discipline to restrain from eating chicken. But I will keep trying. 

Meanwhile, this is what’s keeping me ‘healthy’. 🙂




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Last night, I was cut short from getting my goal. I attended a fellowship and they served pork barbecue and rice. No, I didn’t get some. I politely refused and joked that I was using ‘Restraint’ as it was also the topic of discussion last night.

On my way home, I felt a little hungy so I stopped by McDonald’s. I knew it was an unhealthy choice and my choices are limited. I used to order chicken meals but since I vowed to take the ‘Pescatarian route’, I knew it was no longer an option. Thank God there was Fillet’o’fish on the menu.

I ordered. I payed. Before doing that, I was determined that if the crew would tell me it was not available, I’d turn my back and just go. But she asked if it was ok for me to wait for 4 minutes. Just a breeze, I thought. So I went back to my seat and started picking the fries from my tray (still unhealthy, I know!).

Then I saw her coming. With an apologetic face, she told me she was sorry and that my order was not available. I, the phlegmatic customer said it was ok. She offered the McSpicy chicken instead. I thought long and hard. And then I realized she was waiting for my approval. I said I was going to take it. And that, ladies and gentleme, was how I was defeated.

I walked away stuffed. But, a little down. I passed by the fruit stand and this huge lady was beckoning me to buy apples for 10 pesos a piece. My eyes lit up. I bought five and went home.

I had apples for dessert last night. And tonight, I had them for dinner. So, I guess, tomorrow would be Day 1 again?


Happy Eating!!! 🙂

Mangoes, I like

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Many people have been talking me into eating ‘just fruits’ for a period of time so that I can lose weight. That strategy has never appealed to me for the very reason that I am not very fond of fruits. My mother is so big on having fruits on the table all the time but somehow, that has not rubbed off on me. She and my sisters can probably live on fruit but not me.

However, I still eat fruits for nutrition’s sake. And of course, that fact shoved down to our throats (literally) since we were young that a balanced diet must be of Go, Grow and Glow foods. And so, breakfast is never breakfast without a banana.

Tonight, I am having mangoes for dinner. It has a lot of calories but it has fiber too. And fiber is good for cleansing. I usually wake up with the urge to go straight to the loo when I eat food rich in fiber the night before.

Mangoes are seasonal so I will have them while I still can.



Here, in the Philippines, we eat mangoes in a creative way as seen in the photo below. This was taken three years ago (when my hair was still short and curly..hehe).


Scratch That. I’m trying to be Pescatarian.

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Although my long term goal is to be Vegetarian, my current short term goal is to be a Pescatarian. By short-term, I mean, at the end of this year. I believe it is going to be quite a hurdle since I am an “anything chicken” lady. My favorites are Fried Chicken and Roasted/ baked chicken of which I have my own recipe.

So, I am trying out if I can come out this week victorious. At least, I started today the “eat-only-food-without-face-except-for-fish”. I just had lunch and ate fish, soup and rice. Hopefully, I can come back here by monday with good reports. I will reward myself with a slice of Carrot Cake if I can do it.

See yah!